Week 3 Master Key Experience

Week 3 Master Key Experience was eye opening.  As the third week is coming to an end I realize I have a lot of cement to chisel away!  My old blueprint tried to take over and thankfully I was aware.   More conscious than ever before of my thoughts and habits.  I am amazed!  Whatever I think about grows.  I will be the farmer and sow seeds of confidence, love and courage.  I have nothing to fear but fear itself.


Week 1 Master Key Experience

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

This week I began a journey of self discovery through the Master Key Experience course.   I am thrilled to say I am  already noticing changes in myself.   In the past, school was not my favorite place to be.  Today, I wake up eagerly for it!  Ready to learn, grow and unlock my true potential that has been hidden under years of cement. I am learning to chisel  away at bad habits and self doubt . Reading the daily assignments and sitting for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, it’s amazing, that in my first week,  I have already felt pieces coming off.  I am gaining confidence and belief in myself.   My habits and my thoughts have created the life I have.   To know that I can control my destiny is so freeing, like a boulder has been lifted from my chest.  I have always had the answer within me!  I have had it all along!   I am on this most wonderful adventure to discover.  My heart is pouring with gratitude to be learning exactly how to discover the gold within myself and who God created me to be.  This experience with the MKE is going to be life changing!