Week 7 MasterKey Experience

The Mental Diet

My mother used to always say, “You are what you eat” and ” You are what you tell yourself”.  Over the years, (for the most part), these two little phrases kept me on the right track.   This week I started the mental diet. My prescription for 7 days I must not allow to dwell for a single moment a negative thought (not very easy).  I have yet to be successful a whole week,  I am doing my best and will continue until I have.  I choose all the conditions in my life when I choose the thoughts which I allow my mind to dwell! Since everything in my life today is a result of my habits and past thinking I need to change that.  As much as it is important to make healthy food choices it is important to feed my mind healthy thoughts.  I am looking forward to this experiment and to creating a new “healthy” habit for my future self! It’s so exciting!




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