Week 13

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

I love Luc’s story about climbing and how it relates to our Hero’s Journey.  I have felt like I was staring up at a huge mountain, asking myself,  Can I Do This?  Is this too big for me? There have been many things that I have started that I didn’t follow through with.  I always had an excuse as to why, and I believed it too!  It’s so exhausting!  My old blueprint tries over and over to take hold of me still, thankfully, since starting MKMMA in September, I have learned to form GOOD habits.  I am hanging on to that rope and not letting go, for I know this is huge and I can do this!  I promise to treat my future self the way I want to be treated now.  Quitting was never an option!  I always keep my promises!



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