Week 15 Masterkey Experience


For our lesson last week we a had movie review night.  There were several movies to pick from and I chose “Door To Door.” A true story about a gentleman named Bill Porter.  We were to identify and link similarities and how it relates to what we are learning with the #masterkeyexperience.   Bill was born with cerebral palsy which made it difficult for him to find employment and do some of the things that most people take for granted, like buttoning his shirts, tying his shoes and putting on a tie.  His mother, whom he lived with, was there to help with those little things and much more.  They had each other.  Bill had a definite major purpose of being a salesman.  His mom was helping him get ready for his first interview and her advice to him was to have patience and persistence!  Initially he got turned down for the job, but with persistence he convinced the Watkins Incorporated to give him a door to door sales position.  He actually talked the boss into giving him the worst route and said “What do you have to lose”?  He had his mom drop him off in the morning, he walked the entire route, and always ended the day with a positive.  Greeting each day and each person with love in his heart.  He was patient and kind no matter what came his way.  He always had a plan.  When his mother became ill with dementia he created a mastermind alliance with some of the local hotel staff.  They helped him with his buttons, tie and shoes and in return he entertained them with his stories and jokes.  Bills disability did not hold him back from what what he desired.  He knew what needed to be done and he did it! He gained the trust of his customers and his colleagues and eventually was awarded top salesman of the company.  This was an amazing story about Bill’s life, he spent his life doing what he loved and being the light everywhere he went.  His success was far more than achieving top salesman, it was that he brought a whole community together.  🙂 Be the love!



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