Press Release

Couple from Ohio is Visited by James Ridinger at Their Summer Home in the Colorado Mountains

Thomas Shutrump – The Youngstown Times October 25, 2020

So, Amy, Jim said. “I am so pleased to be here!  I just couldn’t wait to meet you, Jeff and your family.  This is beautiful country here!  Sitting out here on the patio, overlooking the mountains, with the sun shining down on the lake, and the reflection of the mountains, feels amazing!  Your home is absolutely gorgeous and inviting.  You must feel like your in heaven living here!  We all would love to know, Jim said with excitement.. Just how did you accomplish this?  How did your team become the fastest growing in the company?

Thank you Jim, said Amy. We are honored that you wanted to come here.  This is our favorite place to be and we love to fill our home with friends and family.  Our family in Ohio come and explore with us for as long as they wish.  We live here from April to October.  Our son and daughter in-law live a few houses down from here.  And yes! It feels like the Heavens are shining down on us every day!  Well, to answer your question of how this came to be… Our daughters, Jacqueline and Erin and myself, were recipients of a MasterKey Experience pay it forward scholarship.  A six month course of self discovery.  The most life changing experience ever!

A pay it forward scholarship? Jim said confused.  What?”

It’s where the class from the year before pays the way for the class that follows. ” Give more get more”  Amy said.. with a smile, while admiring the sun setting behind the mountain peak.  Giving to someone you don’t even know and that feeling you get because you know it’s the right thing to do.  The more we give the more we get, no matter what it is.

To be continued..