Week 14 My Master Key Experience



Be the love!  

While sitting with my dad recently he said to me that his job as a husband, along with himself, is to make sure his wife gets to heaven.  I thought that was so beautiful!  Throughout my life he has shown by example what is truly important to him, his faith in God.   I have always admired that about him.  Listening to Mark explain the story, Tower of Babel on this weeks video, I couldn’t help but think of my dad.  He is a true reflection of his thoughts!   Haanel 14-17 In mental, as in natural science, experiments are being made and each discovery lifts man one step higher toward his positive goal.  We find that every man is a reflection of the thought he has entertained during his lifetime.  This is stamped on his face, his form, his character, his environment. 

I am forever grateful my parents sent me to a catholic school for eight years.  Although, what I have learned from my father, has never been taught at a school. I am so thankful to Mark, Davene and the guides for bringing it together even more for me.  Since the beginning of this life changing journey with the #mkmma my dad has been my biggest cheerleader.  He swears he has never heard of Charles Haanel and The Master Key System, but he sure has The Key!  His light shines everywhere he goes!

Bring the Love~








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